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Saturday 8 January 2022

A VSCode extension to make your code more secure

 I recently installed Red Hat’s YAML VS Code extension to assist me with Bamboo Specs, convinced by the Bald Bearded Builder that this was the linter for me (check out its schema support!). I don’t usually appreciate extensions recommending things to me (and, to be fair, I don’t know that that’s precisely what happened), but this morning a toaster popped up suggesting that I install their Dependency Analytics extension and I am SO glad that I clicked on it!

Red Hat’s “Dependency Analytics” extension is fantastic, it’s powered by Snyk’s vulnerability database and when opening one of my projects’ dependency files* I immediately saw red and was able to click my way clear in a matter of minutes**.

* My current team has projects written in all four of the supported languages, the only thing I’m personally missing is an extension for Visual Studio “proper” for C#…

** Well, okay, one of the dependency suggestions included a breaking change, but the rest of them were trivial upgrades.

Well done, Red Hat, for making safety and security just a little bit easier!


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