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Sunday 19 November 2017

'How to create an Azure SQL Database programmatically' with less frustration

Microsoft's devs have done yet another "almost-but-not-quite-great" job with their sample code for creating an Azure database programmatically.

In addition to the headache of setting up an Azure subscription and Azure Active Directory correctly, it took a silly amount of investigation and trial and error before I could figure out what values the code was expecting as the variable names (almost predictably) don't match their counterparts as displayed in the Azure portal.
  1. Follow the instructions from the original code's page up to item 4 ("Add your variables to the program")
  2. Replace Program.cs with my modified code.
  3. Follow the instructions in the 4th item, using the modified code's documentation in case of confusion or ambiguity.
Once a database has been created, you can log in via SQL Server Management Studio using the server's fully qualified domain name ( and the server's admin credentials which were created along with the server. For this you will need to update the server's firewall to allow your client IP's connections.